Treatment Options for Acupuncture with IVF


What kinds of adjunct therapy with acupuncture can be considered based on the research that has been done out there?

Option 1: Preparing the womb based on research done

A retrospective clinical study compiled data regarding a group of 216 infertile patients using IVF over a span of four years. The study determined that there was significant improvement in IVF outcomes when patients were treated with acupuncture. Data were analyzed to determine the optimal number of acupuncture treatments, and they concuded that “patients who received more than 8 e-Stim treatments appeared to have the maximum benefit for IVF outcomes: pregnancy (p < 0.05).”

Suggested treatment:
– Bi-weekly treatments for the last 4 weeks before egg retrieval

Option 2: Preparing the womb in the final stages of folliculogenesis

While folliculogenesis is a process lasting more than a year, it take a little more than 2 months for a preantral follicle to be continue growing until it is ready for ovulation. For those hoping to prepare for an IVF cycle, this treatment plan is researched based with the intent of reducing pulsatility index (PI), hence improving blood flow the reproductive organs. It would also reduce stress and aid in the final stages of folliculogenesis.

The aim is so that, in preparation for egg retrieval and embryo transfer, the eggs retrieved and your reproductive organs are at the best quality possible.

Suggested treatment:
– Weekly treatments starting 3 months before IVF medications begin
– Bi-weekly treatments for the last 4 weeks before egg retrieval

Option 3: Stimulation Phase

Acupuncture during the stimulation phase can help reduce side effects of stimulation, prevent OHSS and help the body adapt better during this time.

Suggested treatment:
–┬áDuring the stimulation phase during the week before embryo transfer

Option 4: Transfer & Implantation Assistance

Again, this protocol has is mapped after a study in 2002 that showed an improvement in clinical pregnancy rates from 42.5% in the acupuncture group versus 26.3% in the control group.

Suggested treatment:
– Before retrieval and after transfer of embryo

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