Things to Do to Improve Sperm Quantity and Quality

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Stuff You Put Into Your Body
It is good to drink in moderation as an excess of alcohol will have harmful effects on semen quality.
When you are drinking too much coffee, e.g. 3 cups a day, it will have deleterious effects on sperm DNA. Other sources of caffeine like fermented tea or yerba mate are possible substitutes.
Both tobacco and marijuana have a negative effect on semen quality. Acupuncture and hypnotherapy are possible ways to help you quit.
If you are using heart medication, anti-depressants, anti-fungals, painkiller or immunosuppressant, note that some may have a deleterious effect on semen quality.
Environmental Stress
Spermatogenesis is not aided by high temperatures. Therefore, cooks who frequently stand near the fire, or motor bikers who are often sitting on a heated vehicles have to be careful. Exercise fanatics who love cycling will have to be careful for the same reason. For this reason, it is also good to stay off tights and tight jeans, and to ‘hang loose with your boxers as much as possible.
Men who have repeated exposure to fumes or chemicals at their workplace are also liable to experience a reduction in sperm concentration and an increase in abnormal morphologies.
Laptops and mobiles phones are common sources of electromagnetic radiation, which is detrimental to reproductive function. So it is advisable not to leave your laptop on your lap for too long, and please kick the habit of leaving your mobile phone in your pants pocket!
Stuff You Put Into Your Body
Good Food
Healthy and wholesome food is advisable, and there is not particular diet to stick to for most coming in. However, if you are of a damp-heat constitution, then it is advisable for you to stay off red meats and spicy foods, and alcohol for that matter.
Vitamins A, C and E, as well as zinc, selenium and CoQ10 are known to be useful for male fertility. Antioxidants in the seminal fluid protect the sperm from reactive oxygen species during the process of spermatogenesis. Chinese herbs are also a great form of supplementation, many of which work as a  tonic for enhancing reproductive function.
Acupuncture is able to help with male factor fertility, and are especially food there are issues with sperm count, motility and with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. No, we will not be putting needling into your genitals; the needles are placed mostly on the abdomen and the legs. How does it work? It is likely that acupuncture over time will increase microcirculation in the testes, hence facilitating the growth and development of sperm.
Things You Can Manage
Stress is the silent killer, especially in modern society where it is a huge component of all diseases. Manage stress and you manage your fertility. Do so by taking some time out each day to spend time with people you love, or by working out the stress in a gym or with a sport. Some men also benefit from receiving acupuncture for myofascial release, which then helps them sleep better.
Weight Management
Excess adipose tissue in the body results in accumulation of estrogen and a reduction in testosterone in the body. Diet and exercise is crucial to effective weight management. Use of supplements and acupuncture are useful complements.
There is a reason for why a few days of abstinence is advised before doing the semen analysis test. Abstinence builds up sperm count, but it is frequent ejaculations that actually aids in improvements in motility and morphology! Frequent sex every alternate day before the day of expected ovulation is one way to take advantage of that window of opportunity.
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