Regulating the Cycle for Conception

Menstruation Cycles


Traditional Chinese Medicine hold a unique perspective about fertility and its relation to the menstrual cycle. The volume of flow, the shade of red, the timing of cycles and the quality of cervical fluid are all key indication of one’s reproductive health.

If you have been experiencing any abnormality for sometime, have a medical checkup done to rule out any gynecological problem. Otherwise, consult a Chinese Physician to regulate your menstrual cycle.

What does a healthy period look like? A healthy period typically lasts between 3 to 5 days. It is one that comes regularly, approximately every 26-30 days, with no premenstrual physical or emotional discomfort, no pain, moderate flow (needing to change a pad or tampon every 3-4 hours), no clots, no spotting. The color should be of a medium red, not too dark nor light with a thicker blood consistency.

Start being aware of your period and see if there are aspects of the period that can be improved on. You can start by eliminating cold or chill in your diet. Cold temperatures constrict the flow of Qi and blood which can cause menstrual cycle problems. The uterus is particularly vulnerable to external cold temperatures which can cause painful cramping or even infertility.

You can also remove food that is pro-inflammatory. For example, durians and mangoes are fruits that are typically seen as proinflammatory in TCM, causing heat signs like headache, sore throat or even a dry cough.

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